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Please use the following FAQ to get general support. If you cannot find an answer to your question in relation to FonX, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How does FonX technology work?

FonX reduces exposure to radiation using shielding technology. The case, which contains patented material inside reflects the electromagnetic waves away from it. Such reflection results in SAR reduction.

How does FonX technology protect me?

FonX technology reduces radiation coming from mobile devices. SAR value goes down from 52% to 98% depending on the FonX product used.

Can you prove that FonX technology works?

Yes, FonX technology has been tested by the leading authoritative French testing and inspection company Emitech Le Mans. Summary of test results for 3 samples can be found on the following links:

What makes FonX different from other ani-radiation mobile products on the market?

FonX is easy to use. It's light. No battery or electric-electronic hardware is required for its use. There is no need to take care of it. The material is durable and therefore, there is no change in shielding over time. There are no side effects from its use over time. The shielding effect protects up to 3 GHz. It does not give harm to the ecosystem.

What is the lifespan of FonX?

FonX material will last as long as the mobile device itself. The material has also been tested against water. It will not loose its properties up to 15-20 washes.

How does FonX affect the signal strength of a mobile device?

Your mobile device needs both an outbound signal and an incoming signal to communicate. FonX cases can improve outbound signal strength from the phone to the cell tower. Your mobile device relies on radiofrequency energy to communicate with the cell tower. When that energy is absorbed by your body, it weakens the signal strength of your mobile device, which can affect range and increase dropped calls. Because FonX patented technology redirects and redistributes the radiofrequency energy that is otherwise absorbed by your head and body, more of this energy is available for communication. As a result, your mobile devices outbound signal strength is optimized. FonX cases do not affect the incoming signal to the phone, which is what the bars on your phone indicate.

Does Fonx affect the battery life of my mobile device?

A FonX case can improve your battery life. Your phones battery life is directly related to the power drain of the device which is impacted by two things: how frequently you use your device and how far away you are from the cell tower. Poor signal strength makes your mobile device work harder to communicate with the cell tower by transmitting more power, which shortens the battery life of your device. FonX optimizes the signal strength of your mobile device by redirecting and redistributing, rather than reducing, your cell phones radiation. This means that your device doesnt have to transmit more power to communicate with the cell tower. As a result, the battery life of your device with a FonX case may be improved.

Is the FonX technology heat sensitive?

The case will withstand heat to a certain degree. However, we do not recommend leaving it out in direct sunlight or in heat over an extended period of time.

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